Write an essay in 12 hours

Essay – this is the task that students often ask in the form of homework. But few people know that writing a good essay is not as easy as it may seem.

In the introduction you introduce the reader to the topic of the essay and provide him with the most important information. The most common forms of school essays: you build your interpretation in chronological or thematic terms. In the main part, you must provide all the facts you know and provide your reader with the necessary information. In conclusion, a conclusion is made. If you are writing an essay on a literary work, it is better to accurately analyze several stylistic techniques and explain the meaning of the text than write an essay about many deviations, but not interpret. As with interpretation, you must filter and interpret the rhetorical devices from the text. Concentrate on things that you immediately noticed and that you can interpret.

If you want to write a successful essay, but must not only follow the instructions, but also take into account some more tips. It is very useful if the author repeatedly puts himself in the role of a reader in order to check the effect of his essay. It should be remembered that the reader reads an essay without prior knowledge. This means that the content must be described in such a way that the reader can understand it. At the same time, however, not every last detail should be described, otherwise the essay becomes too long.

It is also important to avoid long and complex sentences. They are difficult to read, and often they need to be read several times in order to understand them at all. The essay should not sound too changeable, but in case of doubt short sentences are better than too long sentences. In addition, the author should strive to use different words. This means that the author does not always have to work with the same words, but should try to find synonyms in order to make the essay more interesting, vivid and universal.

Before you start writing, you think about what exactly you want to write in the essay and give evidence. You can suggest how to solve the problem. Thus, students address the problem that directly affects them. You can also finish your essay with a beautiful quote; it will make your essay more interesting and memorable. Feel free to ask the opinion of your friends or relatives. They will help make your essay even better. Do not forget to check your essay for errors, since points are often taken for this. Make sure that you were able to convince your reader to prove their point of view. Since this is the main goal of any essay. Try to allocate enough time to work on the essay. Not everyone can write an essay in 12 hours, but this time will be enough for a simple essay.

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