Write an essay in 10 minutes

The school essays are written again and again in different versions. While assignments are often essays in the form of stories or abstracts, articles are required in other subjects, such as biology, geography, or physics.

However, the basic instructions always remain unchanged, so in principle a student should study only one outline in order to be able to write a formally correct essay. The first step in writing an essay is to collect the information necessary for the essay. It is also useful to list the most important content as keywords in order to get a rough overview. The next step is to create a schema for the essay and place the collected keywords in the section to which they belong. An essay always consists of three sections: introduction, main part and final part.

In the introduction, the reader becomes familiar with the topic and receives the most important information. In a short story, the introduction may include, for example, a brief introduction to the characters and a description of the scene and time. The actual article may explain in the introduction what the topic is, what problems are solved, and which aspects are not taken into account. In general, the introduction is rather short, since, according to rough estimates, it accounts for five to ten percent of the entire essay.

The main part is the longest and most complete and is dedicated to the current topic. In the essay as a short story, the tension should continue to grow until it reaches its climax by the end. The main article contains only arguments, whereby the structure serves as the basis and prescribes the order. The final part finally completes the essay. In the story, the tension dissolves, in addition, in the final part you can repeat the topic again. A popular science essay gives a brief summary that describes what content was discussed and what conclusions can be drawn from them. In addition, there may also be a personal opinion or opinion. The conclusion is also quite short, the length roughly corresponds to the volume of the injection.

Be sure to set aside enough time for this work, because you cannot write an essay in 10 minutes. Of course, you can try to download someone else’s essay on the Internet, but such works are checked for plagiarism, so you can be accused of theft. To avoid this, you need to play fair. Do everything in advance, collect the necessary literature, study it, and also make notes of important words or expressions. All this will help you write an interesting essay on any topic, even if you first see the topic of your essay. In order to write a good essay, you need to be well versed in the subject, so collect enough information for yourself to feel confident. Let your friends and relatives read your essay so that they can appreciate it. If they are interested in your work, it means that you did everything right.

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